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    Suneet Singal is a highly accomplished individual with a wealth of experience in business and finance. He has held senior positions in some of the most well-respected companies in these fields and has also been successful in operating his businesses. With such a rich background, Suneet is perfectly positioned to offer advice and guidance on all finance and real estate investment matters.


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  • About Suneet Singal

    Suneet Singal was raised in California. He attended Sacramento's elite Jesuit High School, majored in industrial engineering at California Polytechnic State University, and earned a finance degree from California State University, Sacramento.


    The well-known Golden State institution also referred to as Sac State, is a university that values diversity and cultivates its graduates' long-term prosperity. Singal received his Bachelor of Arts in finance with an emphasis on investments from Sac State.


    He was actively involved in several student organizations and extracurricular activities while attending California State University, Sacramento. The university's Cultural Club was one of these extracurriculars and clubs. "A Taste of the World," created by Singal, featured a variety of cultural organizations promoting diversity through events like historical food, dance, music, and art at Cal Poly and Sac St. These events generated traditions that endured for years many years and were highly regarded. The Cultural Club invites Sac State students to experience the world through the eyes of international and other international students.



    Skills & Experience in the Workplace

    Suneet Singal oversees highly complex, sophisticated transactions and offers a wide range of solutions, such as financial structuring, direct investment, equity, and debt placement, acquisition, disposition, finance and structure negotiations, entity structure abroad and at home, board and management formation and selection, advisory committee formation and selection, litigation management, partner buyouts, and capital market exits overseas. His prior career was largely devoted to developing real estate master plans. This included land entitlement, principal sponsorship, transportation-oriented development, and commercial real estate.


    His current focus is on various real estate and non-real estate assets and business endeavors, including those centered on renewable and green energy in particular. Family office managers and other significant asset portfolio owners are among his clients. These clients receive capital structure advice from Singal, including guidance on intricate domestic and international transactional arrangements.


    Highlights from his career thus far include:


    • Turning a $250,000 asset into $175 million in less than four years
    • Establishing three separate publicly traded companies in under three years
    • The creation of multiple companies with several hundred employees each
    • Turning around distressed situations and generating positive shareholder growth
    • Further creation of hundreds of additional new jobs
    • Numerous high-profile asset success stories



    Numerous high-profile asset success stories


    He successfully oversaw a $350 million real estate acquisition in 2019. The agreement also included a $100 million stock distribution to shareholders. His abilities in new business development, land acquisition, real estate, real estate development, and real estate economics are widely praised by his peers.



    Association Participation

    Suneet Singal has held memberships in the International Council of Shopping Centers, the American Association of Private Lenders, and the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts. The National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts has its headquarters in Washington, D.C.


    It stands for those in industries that control mortgage and equity real estate investment trusts. Along with public non-listed and private trusts, real estate investment trusts traded on significant stock exchanges are also included.


    Meanwhile, the American Association of Private Lenders is the nation's top membership organization for this industry. It provides services to those involved in the private real estate lending industry from its headquarters in Dawsonville, Georgia. It is the standard-setting body for private lenders and other professionals in related industries in the United States.



    Involvement with Charities

    Singal is a generous man who supports numerous charities, nonprofits, and other deserving causes. Blood donation, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, economic empowerment, and human rights are just a few of these noble causes.


    Suneet Singal continues to assist young people in the neighborhood despite having previously volunteered as a baseball and flag football coach for kids. These coaching positions had previously been held for three seasons, each by the seasoned entrepreneur and senior finance architect.


    He continues to donate blood frequently and encourages others to do the same. In the U.S., blood donors assist patients daily. These patients include accident victims, people fighting cancer, people getting heart surgery, and people getting organ transplants.



    Personal Interests

    East Indian-born Singal was raised in the United States. His parents brought him up in Santa Clara, California. He now divides his time between New York and California. Singal enjoys a wide range of activities outside his work, including piano, boxing, fine dining, traveling abroad, professional sports, weightlifting, and wine tasting.


    Additionally, he is adamant about working with his wife to raise their children. Singal, married to his high school sweetheart, is the proud father of four children. He and his family live in El Dorado Hills, California, surrounded by the renowned Sierra Nevada mountain range, known for its rocky terrain and rolling hills.